The Black History Museum...According to the United States of America

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"“The Black History Museum” engages in a fascinating push-pull, between subtle interpretation and outspoken proclamation, earnest installation and interactive playground."

- Maya Philips, The New York Times

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"...pitch-perfect performances from Tabatha Gayle and Langston Darby..."

- Zay Amsbury, The NoPro Review

Uncle Tom's Cabin: An Unfortunate History

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"...the outstanding Langston Darby..."

Wendy Rosenfield. Philadelphia Inquirer

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"His big acting challenge was figuring out how to empathize with Stowe’s most horrendous characters..."
- Emily Guendelsberger, Philadelphia City Paper

The Hairy Ape

"...and Langston Darby as Second Engineer also stand out with their physical expressiveness."
- Christopher Munden, Phindie


"Langston Darby is excellent as Baker..."
- Neal Zoren, NealsPaper

Schoolhouse Rock: Live

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"He prides himself on being a theatrical chameleon..."
 - Joseph Myers, South Philadelphia Review