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I Act Because...

“I get to be loved and to be accepted. To be openly admired. To feel myself, to be full of myself. To breathe air and give it back again. To make myself as if I were clay. To press my fingers against me and give me shape. The make-up, the costumes, the robe. It's all glass that I know how to polish and make clear. So that any man can see that I am any man.”

-The African Company Presents Richard III by Carlyle Brown

Yes, he's named after Langston Hughes...

...and he thinks that's pretty cool, actually.

Langston Darby is an emerging actor performing on stage, screen, and in the audio booth. His classic-yet-eclectic style of acting has been seen Off-Broadway and regionally, in indie films, and heard in numerous audiobooks and podcasts.

Langston is a native Mississippian (born in the hometown of tragic heroine Blanche DuBois of A Streetcar Named Desire), and is the most "unsouthern" Southerner you'll ever meet (still loves to say "y'all"). Langston discovered acting in middle school after every other subject failed to capture his interest. His first drama club meeting was the start of a journey that lead to the Mississippi School of the Arts; the University of Southern Mississippi; the Walnut Street Theatre in Philly, PA, and the Atlantic Acting School in New York City.

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