Actor / Improviser / Voice-Over / Singer


11/19: I just completed a fantastic run of The Black History Museum...According to the United States of America created and directed by Zoey Martinson. This one was a life changer; more info. and images to come late; check out this link for now. Photo by Paula Court 

10/19: I'm officially part of story pirates! Story Pirates is making waves in NYC, LA, on tour, and on their beloved podcast! Click the pic for a tidbit of my first show. I look forward to sharing my work with them soon!  

06/19: I'm featured in Oniffe White's Echoes of A Winter Sunshine;  currently   available to rent or own on Amazon Video (available for free via prime   video). Click the poster for a direct link.  

05/19: I completed Sketch 101 at UCB! Getting an introduction to the basics of sketch writing was invaluable and I can't wait to put my new knowledge to good use.

10/18: I completed improv 101 at the UCB NY Training Center. I had a lot of fun and met some great people.

09/18: I will be part of the Alien Love Choir in The Church of the Alien Love Child Presents the Passion of Reverend Yolanda at Bric Oct. 11th and 12th. Learn more about the show here!

09/18: I received one of the Upright Citizens Brigade NY Training Center's Diversity Scholarships! I can't wait to meet new people and learn some new skills. Learn more about ucb's diversity scholarships here.
09/18: Hello World; Thanks for checking out the revamped Expect to see more here as soon as it's possible. In the meantime,  check out my social media below.
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